Best local restaurants for every occasion in Destin

Best local restaurants for every occasion in Destin
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There’s something for everyone in Destin, Fl. We’re known for our sugar-white sands and tropical aquamarine waters. We’re also known for our luscious seafood offerings and waterfront restaurants.

Because of this, there are so many great spots to eat in the area. Of course that many options may leave some visitors overwhelmed. Not to worry, though! We’ve put together a quick guide for the best local spots. No matter whether you’re looking for a date night spot, a place for the whole family or even something without seafood, we’ve got you covered!

Check out our recommendations below:

Best all-around seafood

Dining in Destin has something for everyone but our staple is gulf seafood. There are so many great seafood establishments in the area. In fact, it’s hard to go wrong. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed by choices, check out our two favorite joints for seafood. These are great for just about anyone and offer a diverse menu.

Harbor Docks is a community gem. It started in 1979 and was the first in the area to serve sushi back in 1988. Today, you can still find sushi options. Make sure to order the Hey Baby and Spider roll when you go. But they also have tons of other unique offerings like spring rolls, stuffed shrimp and fresh fish dishes.

AJ’s Seafood & Oyster House is another long-standing harbor institution. It’s a more casual atmosphere than Harbor Docks and offers tons of food options. You can get everything from fried and steamed fish to sushi to burgers. But best of all, they offer tons of great classic Southern options. They have a huge indoor and outdoor space, including an outdoor stage that is home to tons of fun events.

Best for date-night

If you’re looking for a little more romance or a bit more of an intimate experience, check out these two options.

Louisiana Lagniappe is located n the far east side of the harbor. They offer gulf seafood with a Creole twist. Expect all your favorite classic upscale dishes, like Grouper Pontchartrain and Blackened Redfish.

Boschamps Seafood and Oyster House is the perfect choice for waterfront dining and offers a Gulf-to-Table dining experience. The restaurant sources their own seafood (and owns their own seafood company) so everything you order is guaranteed to be fresh. Try the Pecan Grouper or the Catch of the Day. The spot is also great for a few pre-dinner cocktails. There can be a bit more traffic here, however, so try an early or weekday dinner (who said weekdays can’t be for dates?)

Best for families

If you have a few little ones or picky eaters, there are tons of great options in the area, too. Most restaurants cater to families and offer a kid’s menu, but if you’re looking for a more casual, kid-friend place, check out these.

Lulus is perfect for great food and lots of fun. The colorful location is home to lots of kid-friendly events. They offer outside and indoor seating and everything from seafood to kid-classics like burgers and chicken tenders. They also have lighter options like salads and tacos and an allergy-friendly menu. The place is fun, laidback and great for the whole family.

Best for a night out with friends.

Try La Paz in the center of Destin off Gulf Shore Drive. They offer great taco options (we suggest shrimp tacos). Their margaritas are made with fresh-squeezed citrus. It’s a great place to kick back with the girls (or guys) and enjoy a casual night out.

Best pub and bar food.

If you’re looking for great drinks and pub-fair, check out these favs.

McGuires Irish Pub has great beers that have been brewed on sight for years. They also offer a diverse menu. They even have a second-floor bar and deck making it a great hangout spot for food and drinks.

The Craft Bar is a local Florida-style Gastropub. They offer an extensive ever-changing craft beer selection as well as small-batch and specialty liquor. They also offer great eats like the Ahi Tuna BLT!

Destin has so much to offer. From everything from the best seafood to fine dining to year-round entertainment, we have it all! We’re here to keep you up-to-date on all the local events and recommendations. Of course, this means the area is a popular destination for tourists looking for short-term rentals.

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