Must-have amenities for your vacation rental bathroom

In a previous blog post, we went over some of the most important amenities you can have available for your guests at your vacation rental property. Without a doubt, the kitchen is an important room that will earn you favorable ratings. But in today’s blog, we are going to focus on another critical room amenity-wise: the bathroom. Here are the bathroom amenities a smart vacation rental owner will be sure to have on hand.


Just because your vacation rental doesn’t offer spa treatments doesn’t mean that your guests can’t feel pampered and enjoy some luxurious relaxation during their stay. You should at the very least offer the standard toiletries that any reputable hotel would have in their rooms. Guests will likely not be expecting the following items at a vacation rental, and the impression they will have upon discovering them on-site will be extremely favorable.

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body lotion
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash

In addition to these more common items, it may be a good idea to have extra unopened toothbrushes on hand in a drawer in case a traveler forgets to bring them. These items don’t cost very much but can go a long way in generating positive reviews if you save the day by having them. You could even go the extra mile and have bath salts, bath bombs, or essential oils on hand for your guests as well.

Other important bathroom amenities

Invest in some quality fluffy towels for the bathrooms in your vacation rental. Be sure to have plenty of them on hand in each bathroom. If you have a pool or hot tub on-site, be sure to have plenty of beach towels stocked up for those as well.

Hotels typically have a hairdryer available for use. Travelers usually don’t want to bother with packing something so bulky. Vacation rental owners should have one hairdryer per bathroom. Other hair care appliances are optional, but can add a nice touch. Things like straighteners and curling irons could add to your guests’ experience.

In addition to the basic items we discussed earlier, you might also consider stocking the bathroom with a few extras. Often, travelers forget something like a razor or shaving cream and request them from the front desk. Shower caps are another item that might be useful. Makeup removal wipes will not only help your guests out, but they will keep your fluffy towels free of mascara stains as well! Talk about a win-win situation! You could even include some packaged face masks or face scrubs. These small additions will make your guests feel like they booked a spa weekend and upgrade their holiday experience tremendously.

Storage Space

Anyone who travels has more than likely checked into a hotel and been frustrated at the lack of counter space in the bathroom. It can be very troubling to have your toiletries cluttered on the counter where they can be easily knocked into the sink or onto the floor. Having cabinet space available in the bathroom of your vacation rental can make the stay much more pleasant for your guests. If the property doesn’t have sufficient space, you can install a cabinet or two. It will definitely be well worth the investment in the end.

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