Promote an authentic Florida experience!

Promote an authentic Florida experience!
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Anthony Bourdain knew how to visit a place and experience the culture and people authentically. He had many thoughts about travel and famously said, “drink heavily with locals whenever possible.” Now, it’s up to you to decide if Bourdain was promoting drinking to excess or promoting the idea that the best way to travel is by immersing yourself in the local culture of the place you are visiting. I like to think he was promoting seeking authentic travel experiences!

Promote authentic Florida holidays
If you’re ready to rent out your vacation or second home for short-term stays, you need to promote authentic vacation stays. You have to promote the idea that visitors aren’t going to experience the true culture of the area by staying in some standard hotel room. Instead, by renting out a local home, they feel what it’s like to live in the area, even if it’s just for a bit. So how can you market your rental property to tourists looking for a more authentic vacation? Try some of these suggestions. Or let me help!

Share local attractions like Seaside Village!
One of the best attractions in the panhandle area is Seaside Village. This idyllic town was the backdrop for the 1998 film, The Truman Show. The gorgeous community is known for its incredible design, a type of New Urbanism community. Architects Andrés Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk designed the town as one of three planned communities along the Florida coastline. They even developed the town’s zoning code. Building designs are incredibly unique in the town in various styles, including Victorian, New Classical, Modern, Postmodern and more. A host of famous architects have all designed buildings throughout the town, which gives it a unique and picturesque quality that you can’t find anywhere else. Time Magazine once said of Seaside that it was “one of the most astounding design achievements of its era.” Visitors to the town will be pulling their phones out for Instagram-worthy backgrounds all over town, making it a must-see attraction!

Promote natural wonders like Blue Mountain Beach or Dune Allen Beach
Up and down the Scenic 30A highway, there are many gorgeous beaches, state parks, and attractions. But if you want to showcase some of the natural wonders that make this area great, you’ve got to get your guest to visit some unique attractions like:

  • Blue Mountain Beach: If you want a true Florida beach experience, drive down to Blue Mountain Beach. The view is what makes this trip totally worth it. First, it’s the highest point of elevation in the area at 65 ft, so you can see waves crashing for miles at the top. Then, nestled between luxury homes with private docks, you can make your way down to the white sand beaches for a warm swim. Blue Mountain Beach may be the highest geological point along the gulf, but it’s just one of several beaches within a few minutes drive of one another along the coastline.
  • Dune Allen Beach: Next, direct your visitors to Dune Allen beach. It’s only a few minutes away from Blue Mountain, but it’s worth the drive. Not only are 3 of the 11 coastal dunes found at this beach, but it’s also right next to Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, which has tons of outdoor activities. Your guests can relax on the beach or go for a bike ride, kayak, hike, or fish all in one place!

It’s easy to go on vacation and stay at a hotel. You go out each day, explore, and return to the same tourist trappings. But to stay in a vacation rental puts you in the community. Your neighbors could be long-time residents. The shops and restaurants down the street may not be franchise favorites, but they are where the locals congregate and where the best food probably is. That’s the real flavor of the area and what you want your guest to experience.

Share your local recommendations

If you want your guest to feel like they are part of the community when they visit, you have to promote what you love. So make sure that you share information like this with prospective guests. Add it to your rental description, or include pamphlets and directories in the house. You could even reach out to local vendors to arrange discounts for your rental guests. Don’t be afraid to share your favorite hotspots, restaurants, or activities, even if they are a little off the beaten path. Travel tips and recommendations from locals will make the trip memorable for your renters!