South Walton’s Gem: Coastal Dune Lake Unicorns

Dune lakes are like unicorns. They’re rare, beautiful, and magical—but only when you know how to find them. Coastal dune lakes are bodies of water formed on the coastline by high winds. Over time, the winds moved the sand to form shallow basins near the shore. Since naturally occurring dune lakes are only found in a handful of locations in the world, many people go their whole lives without seeing one.

These natural phenomena occur in only five places across the globe: New Zealand, Madagascar, Australia, Oregon, and South Walton, Florida. 

There are 15 Dune Lakes in the 30A area and each has its public access point. Aside from marveling at its vast, picturesque view, visitors can engage with a dune lake in several ways. 

In addition to their unique form, the coastal dune lakes are among the most charming and distinctive facets of South Walton. Visit these local state parks and see dune lake unicorns:

  • Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, 
  • Grayton Beach State Park, 
  • Deer Lake State Park, and 
  • Camp Helen State Park 

Each offers a beautiful panorama where one can view the lakes nestled in the sand dunes. The lake outfalls provide great birding opportunities as well.

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