Three criteria short-term guests are looking for that will increase customer satisfaction

Three criteria short-term guests are looking for that will increase customer satisfaction
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For most people, we’d argue that what a guest is looking for in a short term or vacation rental is pretty similar among most people. There are a few baseline rules an owner of one of these properties must follow when it comes to taking care of their property and renting it out to people. You can probably assume what those things are we’re talking about here that everybody’s looking for. Comfort, cleanliness, and reliability are the main key aspects almost EVERYONE going on vacation is looking for when it comes to a place to stay.

They want to be comfortable and get a good night’s rest so they can enjoy their vacation, they want it to be clean and hygienic so they feel like they can relax and enjoy all the comforts the room or suite or house has to offer, and they want reliability. Finally, they want pertinent information about the property and access to someone knowledgeable so they can ask questions. It seems pretty simple right? Yet so many hotels and other vacation rental properties don’t seem to quite hit that mark exactly. There are so many places to stay that have excellent location or cool events or extravagant luxurious decoration, but what really draws guests is how well you can hit the mark on comfort, cleanliness, and reliability.

The Keys to a Satisfied Customer

When we say comfort, we don’t just mean that the bed is soft and the pillows are fluffed, we mean everything about a space that makes it comfortable. Are there plenty of places to sit and hang out, how easy or difficult would it be to make yourself feel at home here? There are a few key things that can help keep your short-term rental space as comfortable and cozy as possible. Firstly, the decor obviously has an effect on comfort level of your property.

There’s an incredibly fine line when decorating between making a property elegant and chic and making a property feel like a museum exhibit that you don’t feel quite comfortable sitting all the way down in. Research shows that cozy, warm neutrals are inviting to the eye and make people feel comfortable and cozy. Lots of extra blankets and pillows are always helpful as well. Another way to make your guest comfortable is to make sure to provide a few amenities like a snack tray or a coffee bar. Some vacation properties have started leaving small gifts such as sleep masks, anything that makes the guest feel more taken care of for the time they’re staying with you increases comfort.

Cleanliness seems obvious, but it’s still all too often, especially in beach locations, that a guest arrives to find someone else’s sand sticking to their toes, and that can put anyone on edge as soon as they arrive, which is the last thing you want. Cleanliness includes tidiness, like having the beds tightly made and the decorations all where they belong, but it also means making sure the space is thoroughly dusted in case any of your guests have allergies, the floors and surfaces are all disinfected, basically all traces of time or other people swept clean for the new guest. It’s essential.

Finally, reliability. Even if you have the best short-term rental property in your area, it cozy and always spotless, if it is difficult to book or to complicated to get a hold of you or someone on your team, people will choose not to book with you. Vacations are about relaxation, and the last thing a guest wants on their vacation is to be locked out of their room and have no one available to let them in!

Offer Things to Do

Want to make sure your guests have a good time AND remain comfortable? Here in beautiful and sunny Florida, we’ve got the perfect recommendations for guests looking for a good time. Fortunately, Florida is a go-to destination for travelers and there is plenty to do in the Destin, Seaside, and along Scenic Highway 30A.

Now that you know where to send your guests, they will be sure to have a good time! Enjoy the beauty of Florida!