Three Destin restaurants to make your Valentine’s Day so special

Three Destin restaurants to make your Valentine’s Day so special
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Here in Destin, we’re so lucky around this awesome time of year, because not all cities have as many options as we do when it comes to romantic restaurants perfect for Valentine’s Day. All year, you have a blast finding different ways to spend time with your significant other, or even with a new love interest. But the special day is Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to indulge in traditional romance. It’s time to break out the gifts and treat yourself and a loved one to a lovely dinner. But where should you go? If you’ve got your eye on someone special this Valentine’s Day, here are three of the Destin area’s best restaurants for a romantic evening out.

  1. The Back Porch

We can’t think of anything more romantic this Valentine’s Day than dinner with a lovely seaside view. There’s something about the fresh salty breeze that brings love with it in the air. One of the most romantic places lovers go is to the beach. There’s a reason why it’s a cliché for people to say they enjoy “long walks on the beach” when trying to find a romantic partner. The ocean is where people fall in love.

The Back Porch has all of these romantic factors in spades. The Back Porch is known for its elegant décor, variety of menu options and a spectacular ocean view. The Back Porch specializes in all the meals that you picture when having a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. From steak to seafood, all kinds of pasta dishes, and so much more. You can also expect a variety of indulgent wine options. In the end, not only does The Back Porch have an ocean view, but the food is excellent. This is just the kind of place one would want to bring their love interest for an intimate dinner. It has the perfect combination of great food and comfortable atmosphere.

  1. Café Destin

Want something that sounds a little more down to Earth? Fortunately, there are many more options in the area. Café Destin is a great option for couples who are in more of a brunch mood. If you’ve got a new love this Valentine’s Day, we think that inviting them to a brunch date is one of your best options. Why? Because everybody loves brunch! Café Destin is the brunch spot of your dreams. The Back Porch and Café Destin make for very different experiences, but something they share is the opportunity to go overboard and indulge. Because why not? It’s a Valentine’s Day treat! You and your date can enjoy a lovely meal in a clean, modern atmosphere. You both deserve it.

  1. Boshamps Oyster House

We are on the sea, so we had to drop in one more seafood-specific option. And this is none other than Boshamps Oyster House. Boshamps serves some of the most delicious seafood dishes in the area. They specialize in lobster, scallops, shrimp and fish, much of which is caught daily by local fisherman or raised in sustainable fisheries. And while the food is great, Boshamps stands out because of its location in beautiful Destin Harbor. As you enjoy a delicious meal sourced from sustainable ingredients, you can gaze out onto the water. It really is a magical place and perfect for a Valentine’s Day dinner. This is where you bring someone you want to impress.

The most important thing is to ensure you celebrate on Valentine’s Day. Whatever you do, we hope we have given you some ideas. Whether you go to one of our restaurant recommendations or somewhere else, we wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day holiday.