Three Reasons Why Destin is an Unexpectedly Great Winter Vacation Destination

Three Reasons Why Destin is an Unexpectedly Great Winter Vacation Destination
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Everyone knows that Destin is one of the most popular Floridian cities to visit in the summer months. Destin is so attractive because of its miles and miles of beautiful pure white sand beaches that glisten like snow (but luckily don’t feel like snow.)

When thinking of winter vacation destinations, a specific image comes to mind for most people. Perhaps a ski lodge or a cabin surrounded by heaps of snow to play in? With so many holidays in the colder months, it’s a great time for so many people to take a vacation. However, it’s SO important to think about the fact that not everyone likes the cold weather, some may even feel the desperate need to escape it. If that sounds like you, here are 3 reasons why Destin, Florida is an unexpectedly great place to take a winter vacation.

  1. Mild weather

A winter beach vacation isn’t an unheard-of idea. The idea of going to Hawaii for Christmas has been drilled into people’s minds every year since Bing Crosby sang Mele Kalikimaka in 1949. However, the best thing about Destin that sets it apart from snowy winter vacation destinations AND more tropical winter vacation destinations is that in winter, Destin weather reaches a near-perfect temperature equilibrium that is a pleasure to experience. Most winter days in Destin will reach up into the high 60′s but never slide all the way into hot weather. It’s the perfect temperature to spend time outside in nature without shivering or sweating! If you’re someone who loves the beach but doesn’t love the discomfort of wearing a swimsuit, Destin in winter is perfect. You and your loved ones can hit the beach in a T-shirt and jeans and watch the waves, try to spot dolphins or even have a picnic all without the sweltering temperatures usually associated with those activities.

  1. Visit more than the beach

If you’re a nature lover, Destin has so much to offer for your vacation! Obviously, if you visit Destin in the summer, it can be hard to want to do anything but go to the beach and laze about on the sand all day soaking up the sun rays. Also, in the summer when it reaches 90 degrees most days, it can be hard to imagine moving any more than that, much less going too far away from the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the ocean. However, visiting Destin in the winter means that the weather is conducive to experiencing all that nature has to offer! Destin is full of beautiful hiking and biking trails where you can experience the beauty of Florida’s lush tropical forests and the wildlife that inhabit them (plus, alligators are dormant in Florida through much of the winter season.)

  1. The off-season

This point might be the most obvious, but Destin is mostly a spring and summer vacation destination. Not many people think of these reasons as to why Destin is a fun place to come in the winter, but for a select few who do, that fact poses them with a distinct advantage, the off-season. One of the biggest problems with Destin as a spring/summer destination is that it’s beautiful, so a lot of people flock here. The traffic can be hard to navigate and it can be incredibly difficult to find an open place to set up on the public beaches. If you’re someone who enjoys mild weather and doesn’t enjoy being around a ton of people, Destin is the winter vacation destination for you. In the off-season, you have the opportunity to enjoy your comfortable beach picnic with significantly less fear of having someone’s sandcastle kicked in

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