Unlocking Wanderlust: The Rise of Revenge Travel and What It Means for Destin Hosts

Unlocking Wanderlust: The Rise of Revenge Travel and What It Means for Destin Hosts

If there's a popular destination for tourists, it's Destin, Florida. It's been a vacation spot since the 1800s and is currently ranked as one of the top ten holiday areas in the country.

If you're a Destin landlord, you might expect to find even more travelers knocking at your door. This is because of the new phenomenon of "revenge travel."

Since the lockdowns have ended, many Americans want to travel more to make up for lost time. No doubt, Destin is high on their list!

Here's what revenge travel means for Destin vacation hosts:

Target Revenge Travel Enthusiasts

While all vacation properties can make money, you'll need your Destin short-term rental to stand out. You can do this by targeting revenge travelers specifically.

Revenge travelers are eager to travel but are often unsure of where to travel. You must convince them that your Destin home is the best place to relax for post-pandemic travel.

Improve Your Vacation Home

If you want to attract the best vacation guests, you'll have to upgrade your vacation home. This is because revenge travel has created a lot more competition among landlords. You'll have to make a few changes even if you've been running a successful rental business.

You want to offer more amenities in your vacation home. Since Destin is a popular beach destination, you can offer beach towels to your guests. You might also want to offer in-home entertainment options such as a Smart TV.

The less your guest will have to bring, the more enjoyable it'll be. You may also want to provide snacks and drinks for their stay.

Vacation Hosts Have to Step It Up

As mentioned earlier, revenge travel means that there's more competition among landlords. To succeed with post-pandemic travel, you must offer more to your guests.

You should communicate with them as often as possible. You should also make yourself available to them for communication.

You must also have a network of contractors handy. If your vacation home has an electrical or plumbing issue, you should be able to get it fixed at a moment's notice.

Make sure you introduce your guests to Destin if they're not familiar with the city. Prepare a guide for them detailing the best spots to visit during their stay. This should include beaches, restaurants, bars, shops, etc.

The opportunities for revenge travel are numerous. But the competition is fierce and you can't do it on your own. You want to hire a rental management company to assist you before seeking new guests.

Capitalize on Revenge Travel

Now you know how revenge travel brings more opportunities for landlords all across Destin.

You want to target travelers who want to explore as much as possible post-pandemic. You'll have to convince them that Destin is the ideal destination for their next vacation.

As a landlord, you must also work to improve your vacation home. You also need to be a more welcoming host compared to other landlords.

You'll need a property manager to help you. PMI Destin-30A has consistently had positive reviews and is awaiting your call!

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