Vacation Rental Platforms: Vrbo Overview

Vacation Rental Platforms: Vrbo Overview

Vrbo is one of the largest vacation rental platforms worldwide. In 2023, around 48 million people actively used the online outlet, and it continues to grow today.

Only Airbnb can rival this company. But with benefits like less online competition, guest targeting, and extensive screening, Vrbo could soon make it to the top.

If you are a vacation property owner interested in learning more, keep reading our guide!

What Is Vrbo?

Vrbo stands for vacation rentals by owners. The brand works by leasing a short-term rental to tourists.

On other platforms, such as Airbnb or, you can rent out shared rooms. Whereas on Vrbo, owners are obliged to lease entire homes to guests.

Renters can choose from 2 million properties and more if you add yours to the site.

How Vrbo Works

Whether you own a 10-bedroom mansion or a cozy cabin, there are four steps to follow as an owner. Otherwise, you'll miss out on this golden opportunity.

These stages will ensure you get on the path to a successful future.

1. Sign Up and Create a Listing

You can do this by visiting the Vrbo site and following the registration process. Once you have an account, you can create a listing for your property.

You'll need to provide detailed information about your property. Some include its location, size, amenities, and house rules. Adding high-quality photos and Destin attractions nearby is essential to showcase your property.

2. Set Pricing and Availability

Vrbo allows you to set your desired nightly costs and give weekly discounts. Most importantly, you can adapt the expenses throughout the year from low to high season. One of the Vrbo benefits is that there's only a 5% commission fee for each booking.

The location and seasons are the most influential factors in changing the price. However, the average cost of a short-term rental is USD 137 worldwide.

You can also create a calendar that reflects your property's availability. Keep it up-to-date to avoid double bookings.

3. Communicating With Guests

As a vacation property owner, you will work with the public, and communication is crucial. Eight out of ten people are likely to pay for another product with quality customer service.

Vrbo allows you to talk through its platform. This business advises you to use the site to protect your information and security.

The firm will notify you once a visitor requests to book your home. You must respond quickly, as customers may have other rival residences in mind.

4. Manage and Maintain

Due to the high turnover rate of short-term rentals, there's a higher chance of damage. To combat this issue, add check-out rules, such as cleaning before leaving.

This reduces the time needed to keep your property well-maintained. A clean and tidy property will encourage repeat visits. Additionally, it creates positive reviews, which attracts high-quality tenants.

Use the Best Vacation Rental Platforms in Destin, FL, Today

Travel and vacation rental platforms are back in full swing, and competition is at an all-time high.

The downside of the industry is that it requires hard work and determination. That's why thousands of landlords choose a property management service.

If you want a significant income from Vrbo without lifting a finger, contact PMI Destin-30A today. Our experience, insider knowledge, and local expertise will ensure we stay on top of local trends, so you don't have to!